As a young person this was the entree to order when going out for dinner.   I often made this wonderful dish when giving dinner parties and my guests just loved how pretty and delicious they looked on the table. There are many recipes out there but this is my version and how I like to serve this entree to my guests. We had these for our Christmas in July celebration and I must say my family were impressed and really enjoyed eating this delightful entree.



Serves 7 guests.

7 pretty drinking glasses, I used martini and large brandy glasses.


Lettuce leaves assorted 3 cups.

21 cherry tomatoes in assorted colours. 3 for each serve cut in half.


1 kilo or 2 1/2 pounds fresh Large prawns.

Sauce ingredients.

10 drops or more if you prefer Tabasco sauce.

8 to 10 desert spoons of Worcestershire sauce.

1/3 cup of Tomato sauce.

250 gm or 1 1/4 cups Mayonnaise.


Boil water in a large pot with a strainer.

Place prawns into the strainer and lower into boiling water,time once water boils rapidly for 2 minutes.

Remove the strainer and run cold water over prawns till they feel cool to the touch.

Peel prawns leaving seven unpeeled for decoration.

Mix mayonnaise,tomato sauce,Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce into a sauce and taste for your liking,you can play with the ingredients till the sauce tastes right for you.

Line up your glasses and into each place a bed of lettuce leaves then layer the prawns and tomatoes over the top.

Pour the sauce over and be generous.

Place a prawn onto the rim of each glass as a decoration and serve.













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