Canning Pumpkin.

Choose pumpkins that have a hard rind and stringless mature pulp of ideal quality for cooking fresh. Small size pumpkins [ sugar or pie varieties] make better products.

Remove the rind and the seeds then cut the flesh into 1 inch cubes and rinse under a cold running tap.


Never mash or puree the pumpkin as it will be too dense for the heat in your canner to penetrate to the centre of your jars and could cause botulism to develop in your jars.

Wash and prepare your jars,pints or quarts [I use pints] lids as well I still warm them but never boil.

Set up your canner and warm the water to warm not hot as you will be placing warm jars into your canner.

Boil your cubed pumpkin for 2 minutes then fill your jars with the cubed pumpkin and liquid leaving 1 inch head space.

Clean rims and place lids and rings to finger tight.

Pints need 55 minutes processing.

Quarts need 90 minutes processing.


Turn off your heat and once your gage is back to zero leave it sit and rest for ten minutes.

Remove jars from your canner once the pressure is down to zero and place your jars onto a thick cloth on your bench top away from draughts or small fingers.   Happy Canning.






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