One of the meals I love making because it’s no mess and quick to prepare. The dumplings are light and fluffy and simple to make. This is a tasty and hearty meal to be enjoyed on a cold rainy day.



Ingredients for the dumplings.

2 and a half cups self raising flour.

1 cup of milk.[ you may not need it all]

Half a level teaspoon of salt.

70 gm melted butter.

A quarter cup of chopped parsley.



Add the dry ingredients to your milk and melted butter and using a fork mix to a wet dough.

Ingredients for your meal in a pot.

1 kilo diced chicken or a jar of your own pressure canned chicken.

1 litre chicken stock,bought or your home made stock.

1 eighth of a cup of corn flour mixed an eighth of a cup of your choice of instant gravy powder.

1 teaspoon sweet chilli powder.

salt to your taste.

50 gm butter.

1 cup corn kernels  frozen or fresh.

2 cups chopped spinach.


Melt your butter in a 3 litre pot that has a lid.

If your using fresh diced chicken brown with the butter. Then remove from your pot.

Add your corn flour and gravy to your cold chicken stock,whisk out the lumps and then add to your melted butter and whisk untill smooth and thick.

Add the diced chicken back to your pot and taste to see if it needs salt.

Add your veggies and stir.

Add your dumplings and place in rough flat balls on top of your pot,add the lid and simmer untill the dumplings are doubled in size.  Mine took 20 minutes.  Serve with your favourite veg or as it is.






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