Eggs benedict has to be my most favourite breakfast ever.

2016-08-20-10-43-18.jpgNow who can resist enjoying such a delicious combination of muffins, smoked salmon, asparagus, poached eggs and of course a delightful hollandaise sauce smothering the lot.  Poaching eggs and making your own hollandaise sauce is easier than you might imagine.   If I can make this then anyone can, absolutely you can do this.


10 spears of young asparagus.

1 small packet of smoked salmon of your liking.

2 muffins.


This sauce is a light and fluffy sauce as that is how I prefer it to be.

3 egg yolks slightly beaten.

1/4 teaspoon salt.

1 small pinch of cayenne pepper or white pepper.

70 gm butter.

Juice of one large lemon.


Slowly melt the butter on a low heat and do not let it boil, let the melted butter cool slightly.

In a blender add your other ingredients and pulse till mixed or use a jug and a stick blender.

Slowly add your warm but not hot butter while blending till it thickens and becomes a pale yellow.

The sauce will thicken a little more while resting as you poach your eggs.

How to poach your eggs.


In a wide low saucepan boil water with a splash of white vinegar added.

Next bring the water to a low simmer and with a wooden spoon stir quickly to create a moving motion in the pot.

Quickly add your eggs no more than 4 and with a slotted spoon remove when done to your liking. I like mine soft and runny so just under 2 min is enough but the size of your eggs can change the amount of time it takes.

Sauteing your asparagus.

Wash your asparagus and remove the ends.

In a saucepan melt a little butter till golden and add your asparagus, on a low heat cook till soft but still a little firm. This will only take a couple of min so do this while your eggs are poaching.

Toast you muffins and lay your smoked salmon over the muffins then place on the poached eggs, lay out the asparagus and smother in the delicious hollandaise sauce.



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