I had a thought last week as to how I could save time making dessert for our Sunday family lunch.  I think creating a dessert in a mason jar is the perfect way to present a yummy treat to my family and guests.   How delicious are fruits, cream and chewy meringues in a cute little jar.  My family thought these mason jar desserts were so cool for our Christmas In July lunch.




Serves 8.

I cheated and bought the pavlovas and meringues.

Meringues 3 per wide mouth pint jar also bought from Coles.

Mini pavlovas 2 packets 4 in a pack from Coles.

600 ml cream, whipped.

2 tablespoons sugar.

8 passion fruits.

3 sliced bananas.

500 gm or 2 small punnets strawberries.

4 kiwi fruits.


Whip cream and sugar till thick and add the passion fruit pulp.

Place a mini pavlova into the base of each wide mouth pint jar.

Add a dollop of cream to each jar then arrange the fruit over the cream and then add a little more cream on top.

Add a few of the meringues on top of the cream and a few slices of fruit for decoration.

That’s it and enjoy your treat.









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