Family celebrations are a wonderful way to enjoy recipes as delicious as this favourite that my mother made many times for Easter, Christmas,birthdays even on Mother’s day.   I often bake this torte base and top it with whatever fruits I have handy at the time.  Fresh strawberries soaked in sugar overnight has to be my all time favourite but there are just so many combinations you could pretty up this torte with. Pineapple and cherries or pares and peaches, let your imagination go wild. Canned fruits are best used for this cake as the juice can be used as a jelly glaze to finish off the torte.

Torte base recipe.

Bake 360 f -180 c


You will need a greased flan pan.

3 eggs at room temp.

6 Tbsp plain flour [all purpose flour]

6 Tbsp castor sugar.

1 tsp baking powder.


Place all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat on high for light and fluffy,this will take a couple of minutes.

Pour into the prepared flan pan and bake for 20 minutes untill it’s golden brown in colour.

Let your torte base cool for around 5 minutes before turning it out onto a wire rack.

For the custard you can use your favourite recipe or from a packet as I do the same for the thickener to make your jelly. I use the products in the picture below but there are many available and the choice is yours.


500 gm fresh strawberries.

1/2 cup castor sugar

1 packet Ruf or Dr. Oetker custard powder and red cake glaze or clear jell follow instructions on packet for each product.

Wash and remove the leaves from your strawberries.

Slice in half and cover in sugar over night. When draining the strawberries reserve the juice for later to make the jelly glaze.

Prepare your custard and let it cool.

Spread the cooled custard over the torte base and then place the drained strawberries over the custard keeping the juice for the jelly.

Follow the instructions to make the jelly glaze and pour over the strawberries.

Serve with whipped cream.

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