It’s spring time and I have so many lovely lilac and scented geraniums blooming in my garden that I thought let’s make a dehydrated floral tea. It’s a wonderful beverage to enjoy and soothing after a day pottering out in my garden.


2016-10-11-12-55-12.jpgMaking tea from all scented geraniums is so easy if you wish to store it in your pantry. In this tea I added lilac flowers as well as I love to experiment with new flavours.  You can use any of the scented geraniums available to make a wonderful and soothing tea from.  I often just clip a few leaves and flowers from my plants and place it into one of my many beautiful tea pots from my collection and sit back relaxing in my garden sipping my tea.


To dehydrate your geranium cuttings is so simple, all you need to do is snip off the new growth and a few flowers wash then place onto your dehydrator trays and dry according to your manuals settings for your model.


Once dried simply remove and crush the leave then place into an airtight container. You may wish to mix the geranium and lilac together with your favourite tea leaves.

A few of my favourite varieties are mint,rose,citrus and chocolate, these are so easy to grow and benefit from pure neglect. Just give the plant a sunny position in your garden and only water when the plant looks a little sad as they don’t like to be over watered. They prefer a sandy soil but will tolerate most soils. They also do very well in pots and come in a variety of colours and leaf textures. I have them dotted around my garden as they help to confuse many of the pesky insects that attack my fruits and veggies. To avoid your plant becoming leggy just give it a trim from time to time and this will keep your plant flowering and looking beautiful.  You could place a few of the trimmings into a soothing hot bath after a long day to relax in.




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